Free as in: “free of all this”

I don’t know if the FSF chose to word play on Roosevelt’s “four freedoms” but we now seem to have yet another illustration by counterexample of the benefits arising from the GNU four freedoms currently going through the European Courts.

Luckily, suppliers of services based on Free and Open Source Software don’t have to care.

It is perfectly understandable that a vendor of proprietary software to want to profit maximise to the limits of its legal rights. It is perfectly understandable for a vendor of secondhand proprietary software licences to want to do the same. But surely some of the actors must be thinking that life is too short for all of this?

The case seems to have started about six years ago in Germany (translated page). and is a fight to define Article 5(1) of the Software Directive. If the details excite you then the ever informative IPKat has all the details

— Gerry Gavigan, Chair, 16 May 2011

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