Project Canvas – Ofcom Complaint

Project Canvas – Ofcom Complaint

The BBC led consortium developing Project Canvas are looking to develop yet another walled garden. As such, the OSC believes this will have adverse consequences for the device and software sector, diminishing consumer choice and causing inevitable consumer harm.

We have asked Ofcom, the industry regulator, to look at the wider effects on the device and software market.

These wider effects will be the result of the BBC and its joint venture partners limiting technology choice, setting arbitrary access conditions and enforcing mandated branding decisions

This “content consumption” device will thus give consumer access to the internet, email etc., supported by its Canvas contents, thus causing it to have an advantage over other, more general purpose devices that would be perfectly capable of providing access to Canvas content, if the consortium were not seeking to impose arbitrary and unnecessary conditions.

Just as with iPlayer, this will mainly impact the organic,”bazaar-like” development of the market for cheap, better, devices based on Free and Open Source Software.

While the technological superiority of Linux is yet again being demonstrated by its choice at the core of this project, the project consortium is using it as internal plumbing and their choice does little if anything for the development of the wider ecosystem.

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